We understand that everyone is different – and we tailor make a marketing game plan that works for you, building on your existing strengths and abilities, to propel your company forward.

Restless Brands is a brand design and marketing strategy pod. What this means is that we plug into your business, immersing ourselves in your brand in order to fully understand it, before presenting a simple, streamlined game plan driven by your organisation’s needs, and in line with leading marketing trends. We meet you where you are, to take you where you aim to go.

What Restless Brands means for our clients:

  • We turn complex marketing and branding challenges into clear, achievable strategies
  • We focus on key priorities that make the most difference
  • We help businesses grow beyond their expectations
  • We focus on sustainable, measurable marketing solutions

We understand that your brand is more than just a trademark. It is how your customers perceive your company, your product or your service – so we make it our business to identify your unique brand, to position it, to give it an identity and a personality, and room to grow sustainably – and we connect your brand with your target consumers.

We help our clients:

  1. Map markets
  2. Identify opportunities
  3. Build strategies to realise these opportunities
  4. Execute against the marketing game plan
  5. Accelerate their innovation process – and we validate and future-proof (because times change so rapidly) their products and services